Introduction to Technology

Introduction to Technology


Introduction to Technology is designed to introduce students to basic technology principles, processes and skills such as design and problem solving, group interaction and discussion, information gathering and safety.  Students will be exposed to units that include measurements, technical drawing, Computer Aided Drafting, woodworking, power, energy, transportation, and communication technologies.

Open to grades 7th and 8th
Length: 1 semester
No prerequisites are needed

Objectives for Introduction to Technology:

  • Demonstrate proper and safe procedures while working with tools, apparatus, equipment, systems and materials
  • Exhibit positive human relations and leadership skills
  • Demonstrate computer literacy and applications
  • Apply basic skills in communications, mathematics, English, and science appropriate to technological content and learning activities
  • Demonstrate technological literacy
  • Discuss individual interests and aptitudes as they relate to a career
  • Discuss the outcomes of technology on society and the environment

Activities may include:

  • Mathematics (including tape measure reading and addition and subtraction of fractions)
  • Computer aided drafting and design (CADD)
  • Manufacturing processes (including Computer Aided Manufacturing, CNC)
  • Research/ reports
  • Power, energy, and transporting basics
  • Audio and video editing
  • Electronics (including programmable logic controllers)
  • Robotics

Sample Units and Lesson Plans:

Apollo 13 Movie Unit MagLev Unit Radio Commercial Unit
Truss Design Unit