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On this page you will find a little background about me and my student teaching history. You will also find a link to download Acrobat Reader.
Introduction to Technology is designed to introduce students to basic technology principles, processes and skills such as design and problem solving, group interaction and discussion, information gathering and safety.  Students will be exposed to units that include measurements, technical drawing, Computer Aided Drafting, woodworking, power, energy, transportation, and communication technologies.
Communication Technology will further explore topics introduced in Introduction to Technology relating to different aspects of communication.  Students will gain hands-on experience with audio and video composition and editing, graphic arts, and photography.  Projects will be developed using these various types of media.
Construction Technology and Architectural Design introduces students to the elements, principles, and processes involved in design and construction of structures.  Architectural and engineering subjects are studied through research, design, project development, and assessment.  Students explore the relationships of materials, forms, and function used in the design and construction industries.
Students enrolled in the Manufacturing and Production Technologies course will have the opportunity to experience all aspects of the manufacturing processes.  Topics such as research and design, prototyping, manufacturing of products, packaging design, marketing, and distribution will be discussed as students go through these processes to create class projects.
Power, Energy and Transportation will give students a chance to explore a number of different aspects of transportation that are used in our daily lives.  Other topics that will be covered include power obtained from sources such as wind, solar, nuclear, and fossil fuels.  Hands-on activities will provide students with opportunities for designing, building, and testing models relating to these subjects.
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