Construction Technology
Construction Tech/ Arch. Design


Construction Technology and Architectural Design introduces students to the elements, principles, and processes involved in design and construction of structures.  Architectural and engineering subjects are studied through research, design, project development, and assessment.  Students explore the relationships of materials, forms, and function used in the design and construction industries.

Open to grades 8th and 9th
Length: 1 semester
Prerequisite: Introduction to Technology

Objectives for Construction Technology/ Architectural Design:

  • Demonstrate the ability to work with a variety of technologies
  • Demonstrate computer literacy and applications
  • Demonstrate interpersonal skills as they relate to the workplace
  • Demonstrate and apply design and problem solving processes
  • Demonstrate technical knowledge, skills, and applications common to all types of drafting (including CADD)
  • Apply basic skills in communications, mathematics, English, and science appropriate to technological content and learning activities
  • Demonstrate the ability to properly identify, organize, plan and allocate resources
  • Demonstrate knowledge of standard construction practices
  • Demonstrate evolving construction technologies
  • Perform skills unique to construction technology
  • Demonstrate work common to residential, commercial, and civil construction technology

Activities may include:

  • Blueprint reading
  • Construction practices
  • Scale model construction
  • Architectural design/ drafting
  • Computer aided drafting and design (CADD)

Sample Units and Lesson Plans:

Blueprints Unit Electrical Unit House Model Unit