Communication Technology
Communication Technology


Communication Technology will further explore topics introduced in Introduction to Technology relating to different aspects of communication.  Students will gain hands-on experience with audio and video composition and editing, graphic arts, and photography.  Projects will be developed using these various types of media.

Open to grades 8th and 9th
Length: 1 semester
Prerequisite: Introduction to Technology

Objectives for Communication Technology:

  • Demonstrate the ability to work safely with a variety of technologies
  • Demonstrate interpersonal skills as they relate to the classroom and the workplace
  • Identify and apply methods of gathering and using information
  • Demonstrate and apply design/ problem solving processes
  • Demonstrate the ability to properly identify, organize, plan and allocate resources
  • Demonstrate an understanding of entrepreneurship
  • Apply basic skills in communications, mathematics, English, and science appropriate to technological content and learning activities
  • Demonstrate technological literacy about communications systems
  • Discuss individual interests and aptitudes as they relate to a career
  • Capture, save and retrieve digital images to/ from storage devices
  • Use computers and software to manipulate digital images
  • Record and edit images relating to audio and video productions
  • Write, produce, direct and edit a variety of broadcast programming

Activities may include:

  • Audio broadcast composition and editing
  • Video broadcast composition and editing
  • Computer aided graphic design
  • Digital photography
  • Desktop publishing

Sample Units and Lesson Plans:

Photography Unit Finishing Unit Video Production Unit
Photography Lesson Plans Graphic Arts Lesson Plans Video Production Lesson Plans